About us

We are a group of local citizens who worked for three years to save the Venus & Cupid sculpture on the Promenade at Scalestone Point in Morecambe Bay,  securing for the people of Morecambe and its visitors.

We formed a charitable Trust, which ran a campaign to raise the money to buy the sculpture and to maintain it in Morecambe for the future.  Others of us, who do not wish to take on the direct responsibility of running the Trust, are forming a larger group, Friends of Venus & Cupid, to help organise and run the fund-raising.

The Trustees are:

Siân Johnson, Colin Brown, Jean Anderson, Kathryn MacDonald, Dawn Latham, Jean Laurie, John McKenzie

You can reach us on 01524 831600.

Address: 336 Marine Road Central, Morecambe LA4 5AB

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