Stall Holder Information


The weather is too uncertain especially with strong gusts of wind so we are moving Plan B


The Midland Hotel: 34 stalls and

The Platform: 37 stalls


Food and drink stalls will be outside under the Platform Canopy and the bar inside the Platform will be open.



70 artists have booked stalls and we have now closed bookings.

On Monday 27th  table stalls  will run along the Prom from the Midland Hotel eastwards and gazebos will be pitched in the Gardens next to the Midland.

Where exactly is it?

Location of the Arts & Craft Fair

Location of the Arts & Craft Fair

How and when to drive to your pitch

Driving direction to your pitch

Driving direction to your pitch

Site plan and how to find your pitch

Detailed section showing your location

Detailed section showing your location

If you are booked in Zone A-C (The Midland Hotel) click here for table site allocation

If you are booked in Zone E-G (The Platform) click here for table site allocation

You can find your table location by matching your Table Number to the relevant location plans available below.

Midland Table Layout by Number

Platform Table Layout by number

Where to park your vehicle while the Fair is on

There are car parks across Marine Road from the Fair site. Car parks on the town side are much cheaper than ones on the sea-side of the Prom


£3.20 for 10 hours at Festival Market site behind the Platform

£3.20 for 10 hours at small car park next door to the Platform

£3.00 for 12 hours at the Sunday Market site behind the Festival Market site

£8.00 for 10 hours at the Arena site on the promenade side

Note 1:

The Sunday  market will be trading on 27 May so early arrival to secure a car park space close to the Fair site is advised

Note 2: Some of the above car parking rates went up by about 20p on 1 April 2013.

Note 3: You may not park at the Midland as it is for hotel guests and visitors

Facebook Page

You can find the Morecambe Promenade Art Fair Facebook group here. Please Like, Share and Invite others to help spread the word.

Open air conditions

It may be fine but it is likely to be windy – so bring clamps and weights to protect your stock. It would also be prudent to bring some plastic sheeting or tarpaulin in case an unexpected shower turns up!

List of artists

Click here for a full list of artists appearing at the Fair

What if it rains? – the Wet Weather Plan

This is Plan B for the Fair and we will announce it on the website at 7pm on Sunday 26 May.

We will phone those of you with no computer access on Sunday evening at 7pm If you don’t hear from us, ring 01524 831600

If the weather is very wet or very windy, or both, we have made arrangements for stall-holders to be moved to two indoor locations. These are:

  1. The Midland Hotel out on the Prom itself
  2. The Platform, which is the converted former railway station which also houses Morecambe’s Visitor Information Centre and is on Marine Road itself, opposite the Midland.

To see which venue you are in, check your allocation list – table stalls here, and gazebo bookers here

Both of these are great locations for the Fair if we can’t be outdoors.

Pitches indoors

There will be less room and tables only, size 6’ by 2’3’’. Sorry, no gazebos!

You may need to consider having less stock at point of sale.

Your table looks like this so you will need to bring some sort of cover

Please ensure to bring a table cloth

Please ensure to bring a table cloth