Sponsoring a Walker

You can run a sponsorship campaign of your own, or for your children.

You can either using a paper form, or you can use our Virgin Money Giving link on the internet.

– whichever way yo do it, please remember that any donor who is a taxpayer can allow us to reclaim an additional 25% of the donation through GIFT AID.

All you need to do is to provide your first and last name and your address – just postcode and house number will do, or postcode + flat number and name for a block of flats.


Paper Forms

We can supply paper forms (email venus@laroch.net), or you can download a PDF form from our website.  They are designed to be printed back to back on an A4 sheet.  Click here to download.

If you use paper forms, please remember to bring the forms and money collected to the Walk on 14th August.


Internet, using Virgin Money Giving

Press the Start fundraising button, lower right hand side of our web site Home Page or Events Page.

Select Organised Event

In the Event name box enter Venus Cross Bay Walk. Or select August 2013 in the date box and Lancashire in the Location box.  Then press Find event.

Below the line select  the small circle: Venus Cross Bay Walk, then Next.

You will now have to register, unless you already have a VirginMoneyGiving account.

Once that is done, you will be asked to create your own fundraising page.  Type in any text you like (you can alter or delete the text that Virgin have already included), and add images if you like.  We can supply you with images of the sculpture. Then email the link to anyone you think might sponsor you on the Walk. Your friends will find it easy to do this online.

If you have any problem with the site, please email Peter Brown at: pdbrown@laroch.net.

And remember, if you are a taxpayer, to tick the UK taxpayer declaration.

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