Venus Cross Bay Walk Details

The Walk

The Walk will cover between 6 and 7 miles, depending upon the exact route across the sands, which will be decided by our guide, Alan Sledmore, on the day.  It starts at Gibraltar Farm, Silverdale, at 10.30 am.  Estimated arrival at the Venus & Cupid sculpture at Scalestones Point 2.00 – 2.30 pm.

Click here for a map of the route.

Transport and Parking

We shall be running a coach service from near Scalestones Point (where the Walk will end) in  the morning, to take Walkers straight to Silverdale.  There are over 100 parking spaces at the council car park near Happy Mount Park, also on-street parking near Scalestones Point on the Promenade.

Coaches will leave at 9.30 am.   The precise location of the pick-up will be published a few days before the Walk.    Please reserve your place in advance (see below), and please arrive by 9.00 to allow time to register.

For those who wish to drive to Silverdale, there is car parking at Gibraltar Farm.  After the Walk there will be coaches returning from Scalestones Point to Silverdale.  (The return service does not need to be booked in advance.)

For a map of the Walk and transport arrangements, click here.

Scalestones Point Satnav LA4 6AJ.   Gibraltar Farm Satnav LA5 0UA.

How to book and pay for the walk

It would be very helpful if Walkers could if possible book in advance, using the attached form:  click here.  Please enter the names of all members of your party, with address and postcode.

We are offering a £1 discount to Walkers who also pay in advance, using the same form and payment with PayPal:  click here.

Prior reservation is essential if you wish to use the coach service from Morecambe Promenade to the start of the Walk in Silverdale.

If you have difficulty with the booking form, please email to make a firm booking, including name, phone number and number of tickets required.

In the very unlikely event that we have to cancel the Walk, advance fees paid will be returned in full.

Cash payments on the day

While we would prefer Walkers to book and pay in advance if possible, you may alternatively pay Cash on the day , either at Scalestones Point before 9.00 am, or at Gibraltar Farm before 10.00 am (sorry, we cannot accept credit or debit cards).

All the proceeds from this Walk will go to the Venus & Cupid Arts Trust campaign to save the sculpture for Morecambe.

Please ensure you have your tickets with you, they will be needed for the coach as well as for the Walk.


Another good way to raise more funds for the sculpture campaign would be to run a sponsorship campaign of your own, or for your children.  You can download a form for printing, or you can use our Virgin Money Giving link.

Click here for details of downloading a form or for internet sponsorship instructions

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