Welcome to the Venus & Cupid Arts Trust

We are here to ensure there is a future for the much-loved sculpture, Venus and Cupid which lies on Morecambe Promenade at Scalestones Point.

In 2011 artist Shane Johnstone threatened to destroy his sculpture on Valentines Day 2012 after spending years trying to persuade his local authority to buy it and take responsibility for it.

Shane created the sculpture on the theme of ‘Love The Most Beautiful of Absolute Disasters’.

Over a thousand people signed a petition to keep it for the people of Morecambe in 2010.

Another threat is that another local authority or individual could make Shane an offer to buy it and take it away to another resort town in Britain or even abroad.

A few local residents persuaded Shane to keep the statue so that a new public trust could be set up to raise the money to save it.

The Venus and Cupid Arts Trust was formed in April 2012

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